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Pole Markers

Help Prevent Accidents: Delineators have been shown to prevent accidents involving poles near roadways.

Avoid Changeout Costs:
Costly outages and repairs due to accidents can be reduced by giving motorists a chance to see field assets at night and in bad weather.

Reduce Liability: Install delineators and make a good faith effort to upgrade to a safer system.

Premax delineators are manufactured
from .025" aluminum. Their reflective coating comes from 3M’s Scotchlite™ reflective vinyl sheeting. All delineators are 2" wide and can be attached with nails. Attach to pad mounted gear with Scotch VHB™ 4945 double-sided tape or construction adhesive.

Custom lengths and widths (up to 7") are available.

8, 10, or 12 inches
Scotchlite™* vinyl sheeting, Yellow