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Letters & Numbers
Polished Aluminum - Roman Typeface

Durable: Solid polished aluminum characters provide years of outstanding visibility.

Individually polybagged with the appropriate number and type of nails.

Economical: Purchase only the characters you need for small jobs.

Premax polished characters are stamped and embossed in brightly polished aluminum and brass. Only the highest quality polished aluminum and brass are used.

These attractive characters are perfect for any situation requiring a durable, good-looking character which will provide years of service: sign making, mailboxes, house numbers, boat numbers, apartment numbers, room numbers/names, etc.

We stock the entire alphabet, all numbers, and the special characters “&” (ampersand) and the fraction “1/2” (one half). Each individual character is packed in a clear polybag with the exact number and type of pins required for easy attachment.

  Style   Item    
1-1/2 inch
  Roman Numbers, Letters, 1/2, &   PAR15-*    
2 inch
  Roman Numbers, Letters, 1/2, &   PAR02-*    
3 inch
  Roman Numbers, Letters, 1/2, &   PAR03-*    
*Specify desired letter or number after hyphen in item number. Example: To order a two inch Roman number three (“3”), use item number PAR02-3.