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Pole Markers
Embossed Aluminum Letters & Numbers
- Roman Typeface

Legible: Unique embossed design provides high visibility from any angle.

Durable: Solid aluminum pole markers are guaranteed legible for the life of the pole.

Economical: One time attachment reduces your labor costs.

Natural hazards—ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes, creosote leaching, and salt spray—don’t affect Premax’s rugged, mill finish, aluminum numbers & letters. Their embossed profile reflects light to provide easy reading from any angle. Durable Premax letters and numbers have proven themselves to be the utility industry’s preferred marking system for over eighty years.

  Style   Item   Qty
1-1/2 inch
  Roman Numbers or Letters   UAR15-*   100/box
2 inch
  Roman Numbers, Letters, 1/2, &   UAR02-*   100/box
3 inch
  Roman Numbers, Letters, 1/2, &   UAR03-*   100/box
4 inch
  Roman Numbers, Letters, &   UAR04-*   100/box
6 inch
  Roman Numbers, Letters, &   UAR06-*   50/box
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Metal lasts forever.
Embossing increases
Stencil cut etches your
mark on the pole.
Legible, Durable, Economical