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Pole Tags
Custom & Consecutively Numbered Tags

Wide variety of type sizes and tag shapes available

One, two, or three lines of characters

Horizontal or vertical orientation

Available in aluminum or brass

Premax can readily manufacture a wide variety of tags displaying consecutive numbers, either alone or combined with company logos, initials or other relevant text. Nail holes can be customized for your particular application. First time orders may incur an additional (one time) charge, depending on die requirements.

Special orders? No problem! Premax would like to be your number one supplier for asset identification products. With over 80 years of experience we can call on a wide variety of metal forming and screenprinting capabilities to produce just the right marker for your particular application. If you don’t see what you need in our catalog, please feel free to consult our factory at 800-328-0194 for a quote.


  Smart Grid Tags by Premax

Many Sizes and Styles Available

Smart Grid Tags™ from Premax create the physical link between your computer database and the asset in the field. By using randomly numbered Smart Grid pole tags, each pole gets its own unique Pole ID, allowing utility personnel to mark poles without having to worry about marking in sequential order. Without duplicate numbers or the need for consecutive order, it doesn't matter if a tag is lost or damaged. The tag can simply be replaced and there's no need to improvise a marking solution.

Premax embossed aluminum Smart Grid Tags™ are lightweight, environmentally friendly and highly resistant to the weather. They will outlast the outdoors.

Aluminum Smart Grid Tags

Virtually any shape
can be used.
Custom design capabilities at Premax provide countless
special application solutions.
High quality embossing showcases your company identity.
Consecutive numbering provides
an accurate economical solution
to asset marking needs.