Mounting Nails

Form and Function

Specifically designed for mounting Premax characters, tags, and holders. Round heads enhance product appearance.


1 inch

1, 2, & 3 inch pole markers/tags


1-1/2 inch

4 & 6 inch characters, 614 aerial markers


1-1/8 inch

1, 2, & 3 inch pole markers/tags


Mounting Nails

Guarantee proper attachment with Premax’s line of specifically developed bright galvanized steel nails. Designed with appearance and durability in mind, these nails are a perfect fit for our whole line of asset marking products and will not rust, bend, or back out. Manufactured in two sizes, our larger BGN-13 nails for our 4” and 6” characters and tag holders, or the smaller BGN-15 for 1”,2”, or 3” characters.

Our GN-3D nail is also available for a more economical approach. These 1 1/ 8” nails are hot dipped galvanized with a flat head.

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