Stamped Vs Embossed, What’s the Difference?

When aluminum (or any other substance) is embossed it is formed between two dies, a male and a female, so that the characters, be they letters or numbers end up being raised toward the reader of the tag. The embossed tag looks clean and sharp, with each character having a uniform look. The nature of the embossed tag makes it easier for the viewer to read the characters from any angle while also increasing viewing distance. It is for this reason, that Premax has specialized in embossing our aluminum asset markers.

When aluminum is stamped, the characters are merely mashed or cut into the aluminum with a male die only. The stamped tag is somewhat harder to read and requires the lineman to view the tag from a straight on angle for an accurate read of the marker. Although we recommend an embossed tag over a stamped one, we do offer stamped tags upon request.