Design Help

Custom shapes, sizes, colors, text and images.

Are you looking for assistance in bringing your design ideas to life? Look no further than Premax! Our team is here to provide you with the design help you need to create custom signs that make a lasting impact. Whether you have an electronic design file ready to go or need guidance in formulating your design, we’ve got you covered.

Premax offers custom signs in virtually any shape or size. At Premax we manufacture signs out of heavy gauge steel, aluminum or high density polyethylene. Any combination of colors, simple text, logos or other symbols presents no problem. Signs may be screen printed or embossed and painted with baked enamel. Overlaminates of clear polyester or Tedlar® are available to extend the life of printed signs. We can make signs directly from your electronic design files, or we can provide design help; the choice is yours.

Partner with Premax for all your design needs and let us help you create custom signs that make a statement. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and embark on a collaborative design journey.