The importance of asset marking:

An accurately marked pole is the last bit of insurance the lineman has before he or she makes the climb to keep America safely powered. Although these letters and numbers may seem an insignificant piece of the puzzle, for the lineman, it may mean the difference between life and death. They are the key to decipher what lines may be safe to work on and those that are not.

An improperly marked pole can not only be dangerous, it can be costly as well. Whether that cost manifests itself in disputes in pole ownership, equipment mounted on the wrong line, or an unsure crew waiting, and wasting labor hours, on confirmation to make sure the pole is safe to begin work.

This is why at Premax, we take our pole marking seriously! We don’t just look at our products like a set of letters and numbers, but rather the last check before those who keep America’s lights on, can do so safely, accurately, and efficiently. We pride ourselves on our service, quality, and dependability, standing by our guarantee of our pole markers lasting for the life of the pole. So you can rest assured that when using Premax’s asset marking systems, your property will always be correctly identified.

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