Vinyl and Reflective Vinyl Markers: Illuminating Safety and Durability

In the utility industry, visibility and durability in asset marking systems is critical for the safe and efficient operations. Two materials stand out for their exemplary performance in these areas: vinyl and reflective vinyl. Both are featured in Premax’s NightView Markers, designed to provide long-lasting, highly visible markings that aid lineworkers and maintenance teams.

Durability with Vinyl Markers

Vinyl markers are renowned for their resilience. Ideal for outdoor environments, these markers withstand the rigors of weather and UV exposure, maintaining their clarity and legibility for years. Their durability makes them a smart choice for utility companies looking to minimize maintenance while maximizing the identification of assets.

Visibility with Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinyl takes the benefits of standard vinyl markers a step further by incorporating a reflective material that enhances visibility in low-light conditions. This feature is particularly beneficial for lineworkers and emergency teams who may need to locate utility assets in the dark or during inclement weather. NightView Markers, crafted with reflective vinyl, are a testament to Premax’s commitment to safety and operational efficiency. They ensure that utility poles and assets are not just marked but are clearly seen, day or night.

Premax labels decals Nightview Marker
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Premax labels decals Nightview Markers